My New Breakfast Obsession: Greek Yogurt!

After my breakfast routine got a bit repetitive recently, I decided to try something new, and I’m sooo glad I did.  I’ve always been pretty disgusted by those who eat Greek Yogurt, after trying it once and being totally turned off by the sour, bitter taste, and really awkward texture.  But, during my grocery shop this week I decided to go out on a limb and grab a few to give it a second try.  I chose vanilla and honey flavored Chobani, because I’m not a fan of cooked “fruit on the bottom” flavored yogurts (ew).

I decided to try Greek Yogurt because quite frankly I’ve been looking for new ways to incorporate protein into my diet, because living with all Vegetarians (hello Vermont!) has brought my meat intake down to about zero.  Just one average size 170g container of Greek Yogurt is a fantastic way to incorporate almost 1/3 of your daily protein intake into your diet, and a really yummy one as well. It’s protein-rich because of the way greek yogurt is strained during production, creating its thick and creamy texture.  Five strains of live and natural cultures, as well as probiotics are also included in greek yogurt, which will keep your body healthy and able to fight off various different types of health-threatening bacteria! In addition to all of the above, this yogurt is 100% fat free, and also about 15-20% of your daily calcium intake, which is a double thumbs up for me.


Because I finished my Chobani’s in just two days, this morning I decided I had to go get more, because I refuse to eat anything else for breakfast now (I’m not a huge fan of change…working on that..).  City Market had a local form of Greek Yogurt from Green Mountain Creamery, so I decided to grab the Maple flavor.  Turns out it is SO GOOD, just as good as maple ice cream in my opinion!!  This local creamery hands down wins my vote for being the best yogurt/greek yogurt I’ve ever had, and I have to say I never want to go back to Chobani. Mom may not want to ship me containers of it to Boston though, so I’ll have to stock up!


Because the texture of yogurt alone makes me squirm, I’ve been mixing fresh local berries into my yogurt, and also a teaspoon of Oat Bran, which is an oatmeal tasting grain that is chocked full of fiber.  The combination of these three things is amazing.  Basically, give this breakfast a try because you won’t regret it.  It will fill you up, without leaving you with the nasty “over-full” feeling that a greasy, fatty breakfast would.  Also, the 14-17g of protein will jump start your metabolism, a crucial step in starting off your day. Let me know any suggestions of different brands/flavors of Greek yogurt you guys are fans of, because I’d love to try some others!


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